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Thom Smith
I have been capturing nature, scenery and history -- first on 35 mm film and most recently digitally-- since the early 1960s. To visit the sea without a camera is like visiting the pool without a bathing suit. Often as not my camera finds places of historic interest: windmills, churches, lighthouses. While I will not say no to travel, I can be equally content capturing the sun glistening through a local church window or an unfurling fern frond in one of our gardens. Both trees and water are featured in many of my photographs. I am a frequent contributor to Berkshires Week and Shires of Vermont, with story and photographs,and a long running columnist for The Berkshire Eagle, writing weekly since the late 1970s.

Lucille Cohn (1923-2010)
A longtime friend and supporter of The Berkshire Museum's children's programs and Aquarium, Lucille passed away September 22, 2010. A resident of Kings Point Long Island who spent time summering in the Berkshires when her children were young devoted much of her life to the arts, playing the piano, singing, painting, creating tapestries and writing poetry. Her oil paintings distinguished by bold colors have been exhibited in New York City and the Berkshire Museum where she also had showings of her crystal sculptures and creative tapestries. Lucille taught art and music for many years at The Great neck Senior Center.

In her words:
"What could be more exciting than allowing the emotional side of the mind to push forward and direct the hand to create the sum of imagination onto a canvas! Each moment of every day offer food for imagination until the result is sated and spits out colors that rival the rainbow -- thus a painting is created and part of me lies bare for all to look at and ponder. Pleasure and pain becomes unified. This does not result in complete satisfaction but drives one to release more and more of hidden feelings." -- Lucille Cohn